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RFM Segmentation

Read about the modern-day power of RFM and how to use it.

Despite the current love affair with predictive models, direct marketing’s three-variable formula, Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value (RFM), still has a place in modern database marketing.

While RFM analysis is not a replacement for inferential statistics, it can add value in its unique ability to enhance management understanding, ensure data quality, and substitute for predictive models when they are not practical.

Find out how you can use RFM segmentation to strengthen your customer database analysis before your next campaign deployment. Here are some eBook takeaways:

  • Learn to validate a Predictive Model with RFM
  • Discover how you can use RFM as a management tool
  • Get the insider's best practices for using RFM
  • See the power of Recency-Frequency-Monetary illustrated in detailed summary reports

Ensure success with your market segments by garnering a deeper understanding of your customer behaviorDownload Roy Wollen's eBook, "A Modern Approach to RFM Segmentation," to see his approach in action.

If your database is too small to warrant the investment in building predictive models, download the eBook. If not, we suggest using RFM for understanding, in concert with models for campaign execution. Either way, RFM values can be applied to your database by the time you finish reading this eBook, so download it now!