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3 min read

The Power of Feelings: Building Resilient Customer Relationships

By Liz Ryan on May 24, 2011 12:37:00 PM

Many customer relationships are in a sorry state today. While it might be easy to look at the past few years and blame the economy and cuts in staffing or service levels, our research indicates an unexpected root cause. Many customers are unhappy, and at risk, simply because they do not feel a connection to their most strategic providers. Using words I have heard too often in executive interviews: “They don’t get me. They don’t get what I need. And it’s not a partnership. It’s just about them.”
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5 min read

Shattered Loyalty

By Liz Ryan on Apr 18, 2011 12:39:00 PM

I have been a truly loyal customer to my insurance company. I don’t even want to count the years. I am so loyal, that a colleague of mine once was astounded when he learned that I don’t even compare prices for insurance. I simply stay with my company.

I must be a dream customer for them. While I have had a few claims, their net profit from me would be an aspiration for all their insureds. I have been one of those customers to whom they couldn’t sell enough products. I have homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, umbrella liability insurance, life insurance, and once had earthquake insurance until they got out of that business. Within these product lines, I have multiple policies.

The company to which I have been truly loyal is one that would position itself as always there for me, with agents who provide very personalized service, looking out for my interests. I frankly would not have been interested in the many firms now warring over who has the greatest discount. I was not their target customer. But “was” is the operative word here.

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