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Our head of Analytics responds to Ad Age article with his own predictions...

Feb 2, 2011 1:00:00 PM

See article here:

"Good thought provoker.  A lot of what is said is somewhat obvious to me; changing marketing roles, fostering a dialog, focusing more attention after the sale.  The media has changed, the consumer behavior has changed, but I remember reading these prognostications decades ago. I feel what’s coming next is the linkage between attitudes (towards the brand, category, competition) and behaviors (purchases, brand advocacy). David Sable hinted at this when he touched on insight and motivation. I think, with all the advertising clutter out there and the consumer in control of advertising, the time is now to ask database marketers if they know ‘why’ a customer bought and to ask general agency strategists to prove they understand what worked."

-Roy Wollen

Liz Ryan
Written by Liz Ryan