Integrated Marketing Solutions

There is a whole host of tools available today for forward thinking companies to reach and engage with their customers. Not only is it challenging to decide which mediums and channels are most appropriate for your customers, but understanding the interplay that can and should take place among these can be complicated, at best.

On top of that, as tools are constantly emerging and evolving, new opportunities to increase your company's exposure and market share are surfacing every day. Now, you have the ability -- and responsibility -- to optimize customer experiences like never before.

At HANSA, we understand these challenges and are here to help you navigate through these complexities to arrive at the most dynamic integrated marketing solution for your business objectives. Our integrated marketing team brings a diverse mix of disciplines and experience to the table. By combining business insight, technological skill, branding knowledge, and leading creative design and content development talent, we cultivate comprehensive partnerships with our clients that drive revenue and profitability growth.

Whether business requirements include building new products, implementing plug and play solutions, media mix modeling, brand strategy, print and/or web marketing, lead management, or search engine marketing, our experienced, scalable, expert teams are ready to propel your company and brand forward at an outstanding value. Learn more about our integrated solutions:

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Interactive Marketing Services

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Creative Services

Three-O IMC Global Delivery Model

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