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Get exclusive access to the webinar, "How to Create Dashboards that Don't Sit on a Shelf" and download the PPT instantly.

Now more than ever, marketing managers need to sift through an ocean of data to find information that is actionable. People struggle to get past the "so what?" playing in their head as they look for ways to increase sales, cut costs, or ensure quality.

Dashboards only make this problem worse with fancy data visualizations and dozens of metrics all in one place. Truth is, most dashboards just sit on a shelf, without adding value to the firm. What's missing is an action plan. This hour-long webinar and 40-page PPT will help propel you into action, by covering:

  • how to avoid common pitfalls
  • why cool dials and gauge are distracting
  • good and bad case study examples

If you are responsible for business intelligence and use dashboards to communicate marketing information, you need to watch this webinar. Don't let your dashboards will just sit on a shelf! Use them to solve business problems.