Market Research Services

The Market Research Paradox

Customers and prospects are becoming increasingly more difficult to understand. At the same time, you are expected to know a lot more about them: Why they buy from you (or from your competitors), what makes them hesitate, why they open their minds (and wallets), why they tell their friends they love you, and why some of them leave and don't come back.

Of course, these answers need to come to you in an efficient way that ensures they are accurate and actionable.

Market Research Can Help You Build Deeper and More Enduring Relationships with Profitable Customers

We have no pre-configured data or black box solutions to sell. By incorporating a tailored mix of tried and true thought frameworks, such as Customer Relationship Equity and Linkage Analysis, as well as the very latest in customized market research methodologies, we can help you understand disconnects between the customer experience your company provides and your target audience perceives.

We will help you understand exactly what's required to reengage them, which may include a new product or service offering, refining a target segment, or streamlining brand promises and communications. With expertise in everything from database analytics to branding to online marketing, HANSA and its sister companies can ensure research findings and recommendations truly move your business forward.

Our years of collective expertise encompass customer experience, emerging markets (we've worked in over 80 countries), green/sustainability research, innovation research, branding, and segmentation across multiple industries, including Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial & ManufacturingMedia & Advertising, Retail, and Technology & Telecommunications.

Learn About Our Market Research Services

HANSA’s market research services are custom designed for each client and flexible to scale as business requirements change. We’re here to ensure that you get the most out of your marketing investment. Contact us today to learn more about the following services:

Brand Equity Research

HANSA helps clients develop differentiated brands that drive business by looking at how customers use both head (cognitive) and heart (emotional) factors to make decisions. We address critical brand issues including performance, strength and differentiation to help marketing executives make sound business decisions about the future of their brand.

Customer Relationship Equity

Customer relationships go well beyond the surface view of feelings about products and services. At HANSA, we know how to assess the health of a customer relationship and focus on the areas that will increase customer loyalty. Our methodology explores the full landscape of the customer experience, including both attitudes and behaviors, to produce accurate, actionable results that effectively drive business results.

Market Assessment

Learning who your customers are and how they view the market is the cornerstone of sound business decisions. However, you also need to understand how customers view the competitive landscape. HANSA uses a multi-faceted approach to helping clients understand their market, their customers and the interaction between the two. We use a range of methodologies including market sizing, market segmentation and customer loyalty analysis to help our clients stay in front of the competitive set.

Innovation Research

HANSA's approach to innovation combines an understanding of customers’ needs and preferences with insight into how employees see their business moving forward. We project where customers are going and highlight the opportunities for new products and services. We also assess customer delighters and pain points.

Our team of seasoned domain leaders is flexible and able to scale; we have the capacity to help with everything from fast-turn tactical research and operations support to strategic advisory responsibilities. And, you can rest assured knowing that VP+ level team members run and are actively engaged on all initiatives.