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Needs Analysis ThoughticleRead more about our nine step RFP process to find the ideal vendor.

Make sure you do a needs analysis before you send out the RFP. It pays off no matter which vendor or tool you choose – and will help avoid the pitfall of falling in love with a pretty (inter)face. The best RFPs articulate your ideal state, describe the future, and ask vendors how specifically they propose to get you there. Here are the takeaways:

  • A clearly outlined needs analysis example 
  • Our detailed 9 Step RFP Process to help you find the ideal vendor

Ensure success with the best vendor. Download this five-page Thoughticle™, entitled “Don’t send out an RFP before you do a needs analysis," by Roy Wollen and see his nine step process applied in action for a marketing database RFP. 

Who should read this: executive level leadership, digital marketers, online marketing managers, product managers, business intelligence professionals, customer insights managers, marketing communication managers and anyone who is interested in improving the RFP process.