A systematic and established process for quick and efficient delivery of creative work.

the team

A seasoned team is selected based on the specific skill sets you require. The team goes through rapid knowledge transfer of your business. The internal communication among the team members is continuous and seamless.

creative quality

HANSA delivers creative quality with superior ideation and exceptional execution across all media. The work is relevant to the product, the prospect, and to the market. It's differentiated from your competition and cuts through environmental clutter. All to ensure that it resonates with your target audience and produces the desired results.

the process

A rigorous, online project management platform ensures that the work is completed to high quality standards with strict adherence to timelines. Software and hardware are matched for total compatibility. Quality checks at multiple levels ensure that work gets delivered as agreed.


HANSA encourages you to set clear goals for your marketing and communication programs. Our results are benchmarked against your expectations. Working with a suite of analytical tools, HANSA partners with you to create a measurement framework to deliver positive ROI.


A deep understanding of your business and the brand lies at the core of our communication work. HANSA utilizes a suite of strategic brand solutions to develop fundamental directions to enhance business and brand. Our focus is on efficiency and effectiveness, always.