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is an Integrated Marketing Communications firm providing analytics, market research, brand solutions, and interactive services through the efficient HANSA Three-O IMC global delivery model.

Linking together marketing functions such as brand strategy, digital marketing, social and email marketing with creative design, we propel our clients forward on a clear, concise path to marketing success.

Latest Blog Posts


Customer Acquisition: How to Attract the Right Customers

By Roy Wollen, President, Hansa Marketing Services. New customers are either loyal advocates in training or a hole that will drain company resources from the moment they land in your database. Taking the long-term view of customer acquisition programs will give you tools to identify both types. Avoid those Pesky One-Time Buyers The sad truth in our industry is that most new buyers never blossom...Read more

Building a Better Product: New Options for Conjoint Analysis

By Dan Llanes, Director of Analytics, Hansa GCR. Listen up product managers, researchers, designers and marketers. No matter what product or service you are designing and selling – there is a better way of narrowing down what is important to your buyer. Companies face the continual search for which product/service options best meet the needs of the market. Techniques commonly used include...Read more



Data Analytics

Customer information must play a central role in driving growth initiatives. Learn more about the power of customer intelligence.


Market Research

The first step in building deeper and more enduring relationships with profitable customers.


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Thurs, 05/12/16 at 12pm CST: Webinar: Customer Experience 3.0



Brand Solutions

Has your brand hit middle age? Find out what our proprietary tool can do to re-energize your brand and your business.


Integrated Marketing

Engage with your customers and prospects through optimized communications across multiple channels.