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Recently featured on Northwestern's post talking about analytics

May 15, 2020 10:54:12 AM

I was just featured on Northwestern University's thought leader series on digital marketing. The topic was how retailers are embracing digital as fast as possible to not only counter the Covid crisis, but improve the customer's UX in the process.

Brands around the world are accelerating their digital strategies. Our clients are scaling their digital marketing and direct to consumer initiatives. Take a look at my video where i use a great example from Home Depot. I call this digital convergence, where mobile experiences converge with physical. Maybe the physical version these days are curbside pickup but you'll see the idea right away. 


How do you know any of these innovations will work? You have to use a suite of digital analytics to demonstrate how the idea will drive a business objective. You could measure media performance - "we got a lot of clicks and likes." But that's not good enough.

The best digital brands measure customers, not clicks. The big questions are:

  • Who clicked?
  • Are they new or repeat customers?
  • Are they valuable repeat customers?
  • Are they influential repeat customers (i.e., will they post UGC about the experience)?

At Hansa, we help brands with digital strategy which is never without its evil twin: digital analytics. Call us, we'd be delighted to share more examples

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Roy Wollen
Written by Roy Wollen

Roy Wollen is President of Hansa Marketing Services, a CDP Marketing agency. Roy has led some of the top marketers in industries such as Direct to Consumer, travel, financial services, B2B and retail. Roy is a consultant at heart and focuses on solving client problems using marketing technology and analytics. Roy is also Lecturer at Northwestern’s Medill School of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Roy teaches Marketing Metrics, B2B Marketing and Digital Analytics. Roy’s academic work focuses on data-driven marketing and marketing measurement. The common theme is proving the value of marketing investments, customer data and measuring business outcomes. Roy earned a Master of Science degree from Medill IMC and is a speaker at industry conferences and events.