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Brand Assessment Tools: Measuring Relative Importance with Shapley Value Regression

By Hansa Marketing on Aug 31, 2011 12:23:00 AM

Be careful that you use the right analytic technique in asessing your brand's performance!

Hansa’s brand assessment approach utilizes numerous methodological tools – perceptual mapping, maximum difference scaling, and key driver analysis to name a few. Typically, these tools focus on predicting the factors that most directly impact the bottom line: behavioral outcomes.

These behavioral outcomes are frequently viewed as loyalty metrics and include purchase behaviors, willingness to recommend, and increases in wallet share.

Among the methods of predicting outcomes, key driver analysis is by far the most popular method to assess the relative importance of brand attributes. Key driver analysis answers which brand attributes are critical in predicting customer loyalty. Is it the perception that a brand is cost effective, a leading innovator, or provider of top-of-the-line customer support?

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8 min read

Delivering the Brand: Nine Principles of Change Management

By Hansa Marketing on Mar 30, 2011 12:40:00 PM

Scores have written about the making of great brands. Much of the writing focuses on the clear communicated benefit, the sharp understanding of consumers’ lives, the need for reach and frequency, and the rest of the brand communication bible. Less has been written about the critical importance of the promise being delivered consistently, clearly, memorably, and uniquely in the customer experience. As we have written in other Thoughticles, the brand is the experience, the experience is the brand.
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