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Brian Gruidl

Brian Gruidl is the Vice President of Email Marketing at Hansa Marketing Services, a CDP Marketing agency, where he leads Hansa’s team on behalf of clients to ensure they get the most out of CDPs, Email, Push and SMS programs. Brian has spent the last 20 years running email for brands including Target and United Healthcare, building data powered marketing programs designed to increase revenue and engagement through personalized communications. Brian has a passion for written communications, ensuring that conversations are focused and provide value to the end user.

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CDPs can make email more effective; but do brands have the courage to send fewer emails?

By Brian Gruidl on Oct 26, 2023 3:17:38 PM

Everyone talks about email personalization. And Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) can finally make this a reality. But are brands willing to listen? Do brands have the courage to send fewer emails? What if CDPs could improve email experiences and produce more revenue? 

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